Body Maintenance Waxing:

Warm Strip Wax is used for most treatments, Hot Wax available for smaller stubborn sections. Clippers can be used prior to waxing for easier removal.

Prices may decrease if the area needs less treatment:

Full Leg:        75.00              Back:             60.00           Back/Shoulder:    65.00

1/2 Leg:        55.00              Shoulders:    25.00           Chest/Stomach:  70.00

Neck:             25.00              Neck with another body part, add               15.00

Under Arm:  35.00             Arms:            55.00      

Brow, nose, ears, nipples, hands, side of face                                             25.00    

Front/Sack:    85..00           Crack:             40.00          Cheek:                 40.00 

Crack/ Cheek:70.00            Brazillian:       120.00        Full Body:       350.00      

Punishment Plans available for Laser Treatment, Appearance Medicine and BDSM Sessions                        


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