Bootcamp Mistress : Punishment Plan

Mistress Anna will administer an Inital Consultation, which includes a Body & Lifestyle Analysis  & Nutritional Plan.

This will help determined your Boot Camp Bondage Slave Training Sessions.

Payments to be made in advance: 4, 6 or 10 session  packages available.

Every 4 weeks a Complimentary ‘Punishment’ Plan re evaluation.

This Sydney Mistress can accommodate Bondage Slaves with 4 options of Punishment Plans:

One to One Personal Boot Camp Training (30 min or 45 min) $50 / $80

Group Boot Camp Bondage Slave Training (min of 4 slaves, 1 hour) @$45 each-                     outdoor

Combination of BDSM Session with Boot Camp  Training (45 min) $125

Consultation, Body Analysis, Punishment Programme, Nutritional Programme $50

Can you handle it?


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