DUET SESSIONS with Mistress Anna & Mistress K

Mistress K:

An elegant slender blonde with a cheeky kiwi attitude that loves to hand out some Sass!  Mistress K just LOVES to have her feet massaged and worshiped~ are you up for the task?  You had better do a fantastic job…or she WILL make you cry *boo hoo*. Over the Knee Spanks and Forced Feminization are just a few of her favourite play sessions, she will have her way with you, whether you like it, or not.   A small deposit to secure your placement is required prior to the event, which is then deducted from the remainder. A cancellation fee applies.


My C. D. Laura is always there at the ready! This Fully made up “Maid” really knows how to serve. Your ‘right’ hand girl for any occasion. She loves to fan you when you are hot, pour you afternoon tea, rub your feet and more. She’s always Desperate to be of service. Quite frequently she is naughty and will need Over The Knee Spankings as punishment.

Bespoke B&D sessions with Mistress Anna & her friends.  Please call to discuss your specific interests.

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