Public Play & Exhibitionism

Public Play can be held at local B&D Social Events within the Sydney CBD.  There are two events to choose from are both are held at the end of the month. Both are reputable establishments with the Owner & Managers of the B&D events longstanding within the B&D Community.

Mistress Anna charges $250 per hour for the first 2 hours, then $200 per hour thereafter. The cost of the entry fee is included as is the Taxi from Mistress Anna’s to the event, as you will meet and go together. Play is tailor made to the event and each individual slave. A small deposit to secure your placement is required prior to the event, which is then deducted from the remainder. A cancellation fee applies.

Public Play can also be held at Mistress Anna’s Playspace in the event of a Tea Party or such whenever they arise. Plenty of notice for Tea Parties or Public Play is preferred.

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